Case Studies

Automation of Admin Tasks (Barnfield)

This example is more common than you expect - organisations that have grown quickly, relying on manual or Word/Excel documentation to manage vast amounts of business information.

The Challenge

The processes of running these systems is very time-consuming, laborious and open to human error. It is also hard to quickly derive actionable insights, which impedes the progress of the entire business.

How We Helped

We developed an automated process, which included a gated and secure portal for sharing key information with customers, to replace the client's reliance on excel documentation. This delivered a smoother and more accurate journey for internal and external communication, document traceability and a centralised hub for asset storage.

The Benefits

The automation of the administration processes meant that analysing data is now much faster and more inclusive, making it easier to understand how the business is performing and which levers should be pulled to deliver performance improvements.