We had a crazy idea....
In these crazy days... wouldn't it be fantastic if individuals could get a gentle reminder if they drifted unintentionally too close to another person (we call them "space invaders")... So we thought, let's develop an app for that!

How could we make this better.... make it free... and use hardware everybody already has in their pocket!
So the concept of Dodge was born... The app is designed to alert a user if someone else running Dodge comes into their space and helps users maintain an awareness of their surroundings.
Dodge comes with a "sensitivity slider" so users can set the size of their "personal space bubble" according to your their preferences and environment.

We have also included a handy "in your pocket" toggle to auto adjust the sensitivity when you're on the hoof!
Dodge is currently in Beta testing and will be released soon....

For more information please contact:

Many thanks from the team at iCandy Design