How we do it

We don't believe that creative thinking stops with the creative department and should only be visible within the presented concepts. Innovation is applied to all aspects of our work and our working relationships.

The following are a few key points, which we feel highlight the reasons why you should choose iCandy Design over any of its competitors:


Everything starts with an idea. As a proposed strategic partner we see it as our responsibility to ensure that the idea is taken from conception through to the final delivery. This philosophy is reflected in the steps we take, the attitude we encourage and the creative solutions we present.


We promote a partnership approach towards projects with clients and within iCandy Design. Our ability to partner our clients in their business activities helps ensure the smooth operation of any project or promotional activity through from initial discussion to final deliverable.

With this partnership approach the advantages have been evident. This has been displayed in terms of full time support for Marcom functions where head count freezes have made this a necessity for our clients. We have also been instrumental in training new members of client teams where knowledge share has been crucial.

Problem Solving

With increasingly complex channels to market, it can seem impossible to communicate your marketing messages effectively. Not being confined by traditional horizontal marketing boundaries (i.e. web, print, multimedia, etc), iCandy Design is able to offer a holistic approach to finding marketing solutions.

Often an opportunity may develop within a target market that requires more support than simply mailing a flyer or a brochure. In these situations a bespoke solution is required to assist the piece of collateral to achieve an optimum response, or to measure its success in the field.

Process Driven Approach

Our internal processes serve to protect our clients from poor quality and late deliverables and give iCandy Design clearly defined guidelines to operate within any given situation. In 2002 iCD generated Hewlett-Packard 's revised Virtual Agency processes. These were the processes used for the creation of IPG EMEA supplies collateral.

Efficient Service

A process driven approach together with our accumulated industry knowledge, plus our history in partnership with a diverse range of clients, puts iCD in a unique position. iCD can provide the required level of service as second nature. In doing so, reducing the amount of time required internally to brief and scope projects of various sizes. Time and again this has proved an invaluable service when tight budgets and rapid turn around have dictated it. Our services have made impossible deadlines achievable.

Customer-centric Strategy

Great creativity and cutting edge design are nothing in a piece of marketing collateral if they are not applied with its target audience at front of mind. At iCandy Design, we put ourselves in the shoes of your customers and try to adopt their preferences, perceptions and behaviour. It is only with a solid understanding of what drives your target audience that we can persuade them to embrace your offering.

Of course, we'll never forget that you also have objectives to meet. Developing brand consistency, and strengthening your market position are central to everything we do. But we always remember that without happy customers, these objectives are simply unobtainable.

Quality Control

From the beginning of a project or campaign right through to its conclusion, it is vital to ensure the confidence of our clients and the accuracy and timeliness of all we do. Client Services, headed by a board director, is responsible for ensuring quality management. As with all other aspects of our work, a regular review structure for quality and service levels is suggested in order that high client satisfaction levels are maintained.