Sales & Marketing

DRAFT SLICE - iCD provide a seamless system of marketing and sales support to help you grow your business

DRAFT  Content Marketing

Creating high quality content that is relevant to your target audience on a consistent basis is key to a strong content marketing strategy. 

At iCandy Design we can help you with messaging, guidance and copywriting to reinforce your brand, tone and engage your target audience.

Content Marketing Support

DRAFT Search Engine Optimisation

Are you struggling to drive traffic to your website? 

At iCandy Design we have the answer, and it’s simple… SEO. We optimise your websites content in order to improve organic visibility in search engines. 75% of users never scroll past the first page, therefore it is imperative that your website has adequate SEO support services.

SEO Support Services
Service - SEO DRAFT

DRAFT Pay Per Click

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) can generate traffic and boost sales to help your business grow.

By monitoring ROI and adjusting adverts, keywords, spend, schedules & geographic focus iCD can assist your business zero in on its target audience.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

DRAFT Email Marketing

Need to reach out to your customer base instantly and want to know what they are interested in?

No problem! iCandy Design provides a professional email marketing service, we have the knowledge and expertise to keep you the right side of current legislation, whilst driving results.

Email Marketing Strategies
Service - Email Marketing DRAFT

DRAFT Social Media Marketing

A study carried out in 2019 revealed that there were 2.95 billion active social media users per month.

Social media has become an essential platform for many businesses to increase brand visibility and presence. Generation of multiple touch-points makes your business more recognisable to customers now and in the future. The more engaging the content the better the results!


DRAFT Reporting & Analytics

With so much data available, it can become overwhelming to decide which information is going to provide the most insight.

This is where a clear digital marketing plan is vital to success… Measurement metrics are a cornerstone in the marketing strategies we employ to improve your campaigns & ROI.

Maximise Your Business Potential
Service - Reporting & Analytics DRAFT

DRAFT Sales & Consulting

Need to evolve your sales approach? iCandy Design can help provide your business with a clear and defined sales process.

iCandy Design can advise and guide you toward a more "joined-up" end-to-end sales process to ensure you  engage with your customers and measure your activities correctly.

Secure More Business
Service - Sales & Consulting DRAFT