about iCandy Design

iCandy Design is an integrated creative marketing agency. We find and deploy the most appropriate communication channels to market your business, products or services.

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What sets us apart is our objective approach. We are entirely media neutral, strategy-driven and highly creative. We believe in applying imaginative thinking to everything we do.

We have the ability to plan, build strategies, design and create outstanding work. Whether it's online, in print, multimedia or an integrated combination of all three that makes your target audience respond, we will deliver. Established since 2000 iCandy Design has been involved in numerous projects for a number of diverse organisations. We have developed a specific approach to analysing the most appropriate way of meeting our clients' objectives.

Great creativity and cutting edge functionality are nothing in a communication if they are not applied with its users in mind.

At iCandy Design, we put ourselves in the shoes of your target audience and try to adopt their preferences, perceptions and behaviour. It is only with a solid understanding of what drives your target audience that we can persuade them to embrace your brand and be motivated through the materials we deploy.

Let iCandy Design help you grow your business.

If you are looking for a marketing consultancy then you are probably facing one of the following issues:

  • Starting a business and need to develop a marketing plan
  • Need some additional expertise that you don't have in-house
  • Short on time
  • Need more resources to work on a specific project
  • Desperate for a fresh pair of eyes to generate those new ideas!

We can help you in all of these areas. iCandy Design will not only plan and advise but will also help implement your plan and monitor its success.

So why use iCandy Design as your marketing consultants?

  • We have marketing knowledge of a wide range of tools that you may not be familiar with and which may work well for you.
  • iCandy Design will add experience to your management team, helping you to run your business more efficiently by allowing your people to get on with what they do best.
  • The cost is lower than taking on full time staff.
  • Our hours can be matched to suit your needs meaning you do not carry the cost during quiet periods.
  • Because we are experienced, there is no training period; we can start working on your projects immediately.

If you would like an informal and confidential chat to find out more about how iCandy Design could become part of your team, please click here or call us on 01256 895 805.