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Brand Identity Process

So how do you go about developing brand identity? As with any complex task it's often better to approach it in bite sized chunks! The following outlines our approach:

1. Kick-off Meeting

We may have met and/or received a brief and supplied costings. Before starting work, we meet with you to finalise your requirements.

2. Creative Briefing

You draft a brief using a template we provide, and we use this to guide us. Together with a number of routes that have been discussed in a variety of earlier conversations - this may form part of the kick-off meeting.

3. Design Development

Our team reads the creative brief and discusses the practicalities. Following this, we devise multiple creative routes. Usually we devise three routes - one more creative, one more conservative, and one in between! 

4. Design Conception

When we're happy with the work we have, we present the concepts to you either in person or at times remotely. You then review these options, select a preference, and provide your feedback.

5. Design Finalisation

Development of the chosen concept in line with your feedback and supply to you for further comment. Ideally at this stage it should just be discussion of small details which we resolve with you.

6. Production

After approval we set the artwork up either in different file formats, or purchase imagery and apply treatments, make it print ready etc, depending on the project.

7. Roll-out

Once the first piece of work is complete, we can apply either the logo or style across a range of items or campaigns as requested by you.

We love developing brand identity and branding projects!

Whether it's a refresh or a rebrand, we would be happy to work with you, so why not call us on 01256 895 805 and find out what we can do for your brand presence.