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Optimising Customers' Online Experiences with Rich Content

There has been a tremendous acceleration of the shift to digital marketing channels in the last 18 months to two years. Consumers’ continued preference to explore and shop online compared to being on the high street and in person means that digital marketing techniques are phasing out the more traditional methods of attracting new leads and audiences.

With online shopping, as a percentage of total retail sales standing at 27.6% in February 2022, the figures are considerably higher than where the experts predicted they would be only a couple of years ago. It seems that our shopping habits may have changed for good.

As such, the experience we offer our customers online has raised its game. A simple website, static social posts and repetitive ads are no longer going to cut it. Audiences expect an immersive, engaging experience when they ‘visit’ a brand’s shopfront in the digital sphere. Incorporating rich content on your website and in marketing communications is how we can bring the bricks and mortar version of shopping onto our laptops, phones and computers.

What is Rich Content?

By rich content, we mean the material hosted, and services available, via your website over and above straightforward, factual text and imagery. At iCandy Design, we have moved many clients from having a basic online presence to being leaders in their industry in the digital space through harnessing this strategy.

By using different media formats (sound, video and images) at the same time and in the same place, we can make the customer’s online experience so much more comprehensive and rewarding. We have created virtual showrooms, interactive animations, informative and/or engaging video interviews, time-lapse content, and much, much more.

Effective Campaign Management

Incorporating additional marketing collateral on your website and digital platforms makes interesting content for sharing through marketing communications, however, it is important to take a seamless, coordinated approach with this. Ad hoc videos posted on social media or illustrations on a website that don’t align with the overall brand identity can cause more damage than good, leaving viewers confused about what you are trying to communicate.

At iCandy Design we devise campaigns to build up a story around a brand, bringing the audience along with us to our desired end destination. When we develop a rich content strategy we take a comprehensive review of the brand and all its touchpoints. Our aim is to replicate the full experience you can have by going into a shop in a digital format.


Rich Content for a More Authentic Experience

It is through the use of rich content that we can help your customers enjoy as personal an experience as if they were meeting you face to face.. At iCandy Design, we have the right people inhouse to develop such digital collateral. We can project manage the process from start to finish, liaise directly with key staff members, make it all happen and take the stress of organising yourself out of your hands.

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