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Streamlining Manufacturing Complexities

The world has experienced monumental change in recent years, fuelled by rapid advances in technology, the rise in the use of social media and the move to a more digital landscape.

Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly accelerated this trend and there is a steady shift towards an increased online presence, unfortunately clearly visible from the dwindling highstreets we have all become accustomed to.

Out of Sight Truly is Out of Mind

It has never been easier to compare prices, products or even brands. In just a few clicks, a customer can find the most suitable or cheapest option available. In some respects, it may feel detrimental to be so accessible, easily positioned against your competition. However, with purchasing habits having moved so rapidly to the online, not being present means you will be forgotten about, rather than excluded from scrutiny. You want to be where your audience is browsing.

A New Audience to Market to Online

There has been an unprecedented growth in businesses moving from a shop on the high street to online but certain businesses might find a presence in bricks-and-mortar still valuable. This can be an opportunity for an additional revenue stream by accessing a new audience through online. It allows businesses to market to their audience directly, so you can react faster and tailor content more appropriately. It also means you can reach customers that would otherwise not be accessible; for example, geographical restrictions can be pushed aside.

A Strong Identity Facilitates Brand Recognition

Brands need to be recognisable and memorable. Easier said than done, and where challenges often occur is with the move from the real into the virtual space. Digital platforms all have their own ways of presenting information, and this might mean your brand needs a change to its brand toolkit. Alterations to an established brand identity are done cautiously but has become a must for many to ensure they remain relevant.

What you See is What People Believe In

Consumers purchase from organisations they trust - brands that have values aligned with their own. Corporate responsibility, commitment to the environment, health and safety, data safe-guarding, privacy policies and supplier management are a small selection of the criteria consumers use to judge a brand by. There is an expectation that this information be readily available, as inaccessibility can look like you are trying to hide something; a website is the ideal platform to keep this easily updated.

With the Right Process, Digital Transformation Can be Easy

Continuous improvement is typically a core foundation of most manufacturing industries, with many incorporating elements of 6 Sigma, ‘The Toyota Way’ and CI Departments in their day-to-day activities. However, digital transformation is often still seen as difficult to implement, and therefore its delivery process is hindered from the off.

iCandy Design is a web design and marketing agency that addresses the complexities of the Manufacturing sector through innovative digital solutions. We have extensive experience of launching web-based implementation projects that do more than just produce an engaging, CMS-executed website. We are regularly asked to deliver website platforms that can coordinate enhanced stock management, ERP, SKU and system integrations, dedicated customer portals, booking systems and e-commerce and resource hubs – to name a few of the more dedicated aspects this industry requires. Approval of capital release often relies on proving ROI, and with our wide range of case study examples, we can support you with the data you require to get the project off the ground.

By proactively seeking a coordinated approach to leverage digital technologies your business can take on step-change improvement in daily operations.


Simplify Manufacturing Operations with the Help of iCandy Design

Manufacturing, Engineering and Operations can benefit greatly from digital transformation. Through the integration of business systems, we make communication easier, ensure accurate data holding and speed up operational processes. We give you a 360o visibility of what is going on, making you better placed to react to customer requests and achieve successful delivery.

Get in touch to see how iCandy Design can support your manufacturing business with digital marketing strategies today.

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