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Why Bespoke is Best; Benefits of Custom-Built Websites

Have you been thinking of creating your own website? Or, maybe you already have one but are dissatisfied with the way it performs?

Web design and development

An up to date and responsive website is essential for business growth and success, so don’t let your brand suffer any longer! Discover why businesses choose iCandy Design for their web design and digital marketing solutions. 

An iCandy Design Website

We’ve worked with many different businesses to build beautiful, bold websites that capture the interest of your audience. Our websites aren’t your typical off-the-shelf templates, bogged down with risky plug-ins and endless design limitations.

At iCandy Design we use our custom-made CMS, Syrup. With Syrup, we push the boundaries of web development, equipping you with fully customisable, responsive websites that can be adapted to perform alongside Google’s forever-changing algorithms!

Custom-Built Websites

Our web design and develpoment services work to create solutions for your business’ needs. Take a look at some of our most recent work.

Black Cat Displays

Over at Black Cat Displays we integrated functionality and design to create a homepage that showcases their services and professionalism. By incorporating interactive components throughout the homepage they’re able to deliver information on what they offer in a modern and engaging format, keeping users on their site for longer.

From desktop to mobile, we’ve created a seamless design to develop brand identity and provide a positive online user experience that keeps visitors coming back time and time again.

Hostile Environment Training

Having solutions that suit your business requirements is crucial for digital growth, as well as customer retention and acquisition. That’s why with Hostile Environment Training, we developed a bespoke booking and enquiry system that fits their exact needs.

By working closely with Hostile Environment Training, we created a concise system, implementing expert UX design to enhance the online user experience and allow visitors to enquire about their services with ease. Whether the visitors are submitting their details on a desktop or mobile device, the form is responsive and functional in design.


Don’t just take our word for it...

Here at iCandy Design, we believe there are countless opportunities for creative web design and digital marketing solutions. We don’t hold your website hostage; instead, we provide you with complete access as well as full training and support, meaning you can easily upload content or make changes to articles when it suits you.

Interested in seeing more from iCandy Design? Why not head over to our Portfolio and check out some of our other creations or visit our Testimonials to hear from our clients. Get the ball rolling, give us a call on 01256 895805 or leave your details with us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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