Strategy & Design

Design Success into Your Brand...

Creativity is the essence of iCandy Design - it is in the way we work, how we collaboratively approach challenges and is inherent in the output from our activities.

Exceptional quality is a given and we will always aim to overdeliver in terms of the design, copy, content and solutions to the problems our clients bring us.


Marketing & Sales Strategy

Identify Your Vision

A well thought through plan with considered actions allows organisations to focus their limited resources on the best opportunities.

By defining goals, objectives, the target audience and timelines, iCandy Design can reach prospective consumers and convert them into customers of your products or services. Which area are you most interested in improving?

  • Customer engagement
  • Customer retention
  • Lead generation
  • Increased brand equity
  • Multichannel & platform presence
  • Improved user experience
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Analysis & Reporting

The Path to a Strong ROI

With the right tools to do the job, we have the ability to carry out a deep dive into the data affecting your brand and market. We can slice and dice that information to drive actionable insights.

Understanding the return on marketing investment means we can measure the degree to which the marketing tactics - holistically, or on a campaign-basis - contribute to revenue growth and modify accordingly.

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Competitive Gap Analysis

Your Point of Difference

Why does your target customer go to you, rather than your competition? Who is a threat to your brand or business? Which piece of the marketing pie can you acquire to gain market share?

Let's make you relevant, but with a point of difference so that you stand out from the crowd.

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Return on Investment

It's Our Approach That Sets Us Apart

We do things differently.

As an integrated marketing agency, we take a top-down approach to determining what will make your brand succeed. With clear objectives, a deep understanding of the tactics we're using and an eagle eye on measurement of results, we can be nimble and flexible in the face of constant external changes. 

With iCandy Design, you will know where your money is adding value.

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Core Services

Discover More of What We Do...

Our strategy is to create the online infrastructure to build a strong-performing website and its applications.

Furthermore, we develop and/or enhance business systems and operations by providing efficient back office digital processes to enhance customer user experience.