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iCandy Design can help provide your business with a clear and defined sales process to ensure you are effectively engaging with your customers and measuring your sales activity correctly. 

We will help provide your business with the support required to create a clear marketing sales strategy, involving a whole range of tools and tactics! 

Building a successful sales structure will allow your business to develop new opportunities, whilst maintaining and increasing your existing customer base – ensuring complete integration with your marketing activities.

Developing a successful marketing sales strategy for your business...

At iCandy Design, we feel it is vital to ensure we fully understand your business and how its current sales function works. Our process to assist you in fine tuning and implementing a successful marketing sales strategy for your business includes the following steps:

1. We carry out an initial consultation to determine your current sales model and understand how your business is presently oriented.

2. Based on the initial consultation, we will create a roll-out plan for the potential improvements for your new sales strategy.

3. To make the recommended improvements, our sales experts will outline the key business requirements in terms of the right tools and how these could integrate with a central CRM - coupled with other marketing activities that will support the sales function.

4. It is important that your approach and the sales process involved in building customer relationships is ‘on-point’ – our team of sales experts will provide your business with the guidance needed to make sure it is!

5. As your leads begin to develop, it is important to review and discuss your business follow ups and track the results.

6. With all the tools in place, effective use of your chosen CRM system is key. Our sales team will regularly check-in to ensure you are moving in the right direction.

From start to finish, iCD will help your business build a successful pipeline of solid leads!

No Sales Strategy Works Without Marketing!

As part of an integrated sales strategy, it is important to ensure your business undertakes regular marketing activity to keep your brand at the forefront of your target audiences mind.

iCandy Design can provide support with regular content, email marketing, social media and more! 

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