Marketing Tactics & Campaigns

The Pursuit of the Outstanding

No one solution fits all. As such, we tailor every marketing strategy to the unique business.

We are entirely media neutral and by deploying the most appropriate communication channels to market your business, products or services, we can be sure that we have not missed out on any opportunity to grow your brand.

Content Marketing

Deliver Your Message With Engaging Content

By identifying your target personas, we will communicate relevant and engaging content that resonates with their core values.

This route allows us to increase awareness, leaving a lasting impression and driving your audience to take action.

Explore the various platforms and channels available to market your message through.

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Marketing Campaigns

Nurture Your Audience With Cross-Platform Campaigns

There will be many things you want to communicate about your brand. Some of your marketing may be about your core message and positioning, at other times it may be about unique product updates or events in your brand calendar.

With cross-platform campaigns we can layer up the touchpoints your audience comes into contact with. This way, we will deliver a consistent message to nurture your audience through the Sales & Marketing Funnel to conversion.

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Rich Content

Discover the Power of Rich Content

Let us help you optimise your customers' online experiences with rich content.

We can transform a basic online presence to one that harnesses different media formats to deliver a more comprehensive and rewarding experience. We have created virtual showrooms, interactive animations, informative video interviews, time-lapse content, and much, much more.

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Return on Investment

It's Our Approach That Sets Us Apart

We do things differently.

As an integrated marketing agency, we take a top-down approach to determining what will make your brand succeed. With clear objectives, a deep understanding of the tactics we're using and an eagle eye on measurement of results, we can be nimble and flexible in the face of constant external changes. 

With iCandy Design, you will know where your money is adding value.

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Core Services

Discover More of What We Do...

Our strategy is to create the online infrastructure to build a strong-performing website and its applications.

Furthermore, we develop and/or enhance business systems and operations by providing efficient back office digital processes to enhance customer user experience.