Data Management

Actionable insight comes from accurate data. Therefore, good data management is an important part of any business.

Understanding the mindset of your customers, where they are in the sales funnel, whether you have a hot or cold lead, and how you can most efficiently deliver the sale enables your business to prioritise resources on those with the highest likelihood for conversion.

Data Sources

Data can be acquired from a number of different sources, but typically comes from:

  • Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
  • Marketing tools
  • Operation systems, such as for stock control and warehouse management
  • Web analytics tools

At iCandy Design we have the tools to help you in these areas. We also have the expertise to develop and implement new infrastructure with existing business systems to create bespoke tools to aid in-house measurement and reporting. Additionally, we can advise and support with purchasing customer contact data.

The Benefits of Accurate Data Management

With digital being inherent in all of what we do, organisations have an unprecedented amount of information available to collect and consume. Data management solutions become essential for making sense of these vast quantities. Some of the benefits of effective data management include better decision making, better customer relationship management, increased productivity, and better data analytics.

Having the right tools for collecting, organising, safely storing and utilising business data means you can trust it when making critical decisions. You can more quickly identify what you need, reduce the room for human error and eliminate costly duplicate processes.

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