Social Media

Social media is not just an engagement tool, it is now vital to have an organised social media marketing plan beyond just having an opinion. It provides another platform to market your businesses services on - expanding your reach to a whole new audience.

If you are not using it, you really are missing a trick!

Increase brand presence

Brand Identity is built through the relationship that businesses work hard to find. Social media provides a way to engage with your audience allowing them to see behind the scenes of your business, building brand presence and strengthening brand identity. 

At iCandy Design we can design your brand, and then work hard to establish this to ensure it reflects the ethos of your business. 

Target specific demographics

Anything posted on social media provides a way to reach a new audience by targeting a specific demographic that you would like to advertise to – much like PPC.

We will establish a social media plan to define your objectives, allowing us to determine the best social media platforms for your business. 

Drive traffic & generate leads

Imagine if you have 500+ connections and then your connections also have 500+ different connections – when shared, imagine how far your content can travel. That is the power of social media when used correctly.

Any content shared on social media platforms are a way to interact with new and potential customers. Our job is to get people to click through to drive traffic and generate leads for your website! 

Bespoke content & posts

All social media platforms allow to upload bespoke and relevant content, posts, competitions in real time. At iCandy Design we work with your business to keep pages updated and maintained to increase the engagement of your posts.

#Callustoday and we can help you find the right social media platforms for your business!

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