Content Marketing

Content marketing support works best integrated into a marketing strategy, reinforcing your brand, tone and engaging your target audience. This is key to ensuring that you turn new visitors into returning ones – driving traffic to your website and generating leads for your business.

Creating high quality content that is relevant to your target audience on a consistent basis is key. At iCandy Design we work with your business to deliver tailored content marketing support which includes ongoing guidance and copywriting support from our experienced team of creatives and copywriters.

Our Strategy

1) Messaging

We will work with your business to establish key sales messaging in line with bespoke website landing pages and banners to reinforce your brand.

2) Guidance

iCandy Design will provide advice on areas of your website that require expanded content and will research keywords based on prime content opportunities, using the correct industry tools.

3) Copywriting

We offer content marketing support for our clients to ensure your website stays competitive, helping to build your brand, tone and provide your target audience with the information they require.

Content Marketing Isn’t Just About Blogging

Content marketing should be aggregated across all areas of your marketing strategy. As Social Media has become another essential platform for businesses to market their services on, this also provides another way to benefit from content marketing. Other platforms include; email, infographics, website articles, E-books, PPC, images, videos – to name just a few!

Content Marketing will also help demonstrate your expertise online, reflecting your credibility in your industry. This helps to drive and retain traffic to your website also improving your natural SEO.

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