Email Marketing

Need to reach more people instantly, know what they are interested in, find out if they have read your communication? Want to respond to your customers the moment they click through, or just want to raise awareness and traffic to your website? Have you got clear, responsive direct email campaigns?

At iCandy Design, we will work with your business to deliver direct email marketing campaigns that are specifically targeted with a clear and defined message. Don’t settle for second best – drive traffic, increase open and click through rates and maximise your success!

Our direct email campaigns are designed to provide optimum user experience, and deliver a range of benefits:

  • Improve sales and increase revenue
  • Build trust with your subscribers
  • Comply with email laws (GDPR)
  • Send any type of email communication
  • Personalise your customer relations
  • Responsive email design to work on any device
  • Engage your audience with copywriting to ensure your message drives conversion
  • A/B split testing so you know what works best
  • Thorough email reporting and data analytics to help form your next mailer
  • Unlimited number of subscribers and lists

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a core direct marketing activity that involves the practice of emailing a commercial message to a targeted set of email data. It has the ability to directly impact your customer retention and increase sales for your business, with full traceability to help track, monitor and engage with your audience.

Why Email Marketing Works

The average return on investment for direct email marketing in the UK was 2964%. That’s £29.64 for every £1 spent. With this figure continually rising, more and more businesses are looking to invest a portion of their marketing budget on email – and we aren’t surprised! Email marketing is completely traceable, helps build credibility and has huge ROI potential.

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