Our Approach

Integrated Marketing

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have found that an omnichannel marketing approach is the key to delivering sustainable results for businesses and their brands.

Integrated marketing refers to a holistic and cohesive approach that combines marketing tactics and channels with optimised business systems to enhance the customer experience. It is a unique approach to marketing, digital transformation, and sales objectives and is our digital recipe for success.

Strategy & Design

Clever Thinking

We help you formulate a powerful growth strategy.

The marketing landscape is vast and complex, but with iCandy Design, you uncover countless opportunities for brand success. We use a proven framework for testing multiple avenues at scale to drive quick results.

Working around your business goal, we focus on what drives the best RoI:

  • Objectives & ROI
  • Metrics & research
  • Competitor & gap analysis
  • UX design & management
  • Brand identity
  • Messaging & Tone of Voice
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Marketing Tactics

Powerful, Profitable Communications

The tail doesn't wag the dog at iCandy Design. We are media neutral and digitally native, choosing the most appropriate channel, including print, for your brand.

We'll explore and identify which aspects to employ, creating a memorable experience with your audiences.

  • Email | SEO | Social media
  • Sales / Marketing collateral
  • Data cleansing & management
  • ROI assessment
  • Advertising
  • Campaigns
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Technical & Development

Digital Resilience

With iCandy Design you can be confident that your online presence is securely and safely deployed and interfaces with other systems in a smooth, efficient and effective manner.

  • Website development
  • Applications & integrations
  • Security & maintenance
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Driving Success

Integrated Marketing

When all the pieces come together - that's when the magic happens!

We want your business and brand to work in tandem: let a customer spot you on social, be won over by a follow-up email, have a smooth purchase journey online, mirrored by friendly and efficient customer service on the phone, and a speedy delivery of their item... 

There will be iterations of this flow from business to business, between B2C and B2B and so on. But what they have in common is a fantastic marketing experience.

Brand Equity & Market Presence

A Different Type of Currency

It's more often the brand, than the product or service, that consumers really fall in love with. 

The social value of being recognisable, memorable and loved can be translated directly into marketing currency. iCandy Design can help you create the right positioning, the right look and feel and communicate that with your audiences in the right way to give you strong brand equity.

Brand Growth & Expansion

True Multi Channel Expansion

With a well thought out strategy in place, and by pulling the correct marketing levers, watch your brand grow!

  • Customer engagement
  • Customer retention
  • Lead generation
  • Increased brand equity
  • Mulit channel & platform presence
  • Improved user experience

Digital Transformation

Committed to your Success

Digital transformation is the foundation block of an ever-evolving, growing and modernising business. 

Introducing efficiencies through digital implementation frees up resources to be allocated elsewhere, giving your business the opportunity to do those things you never get round to doing.

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Streamlined Business Processes

Making Digital Work Smarter

With faster ways of getting hold of data - data you may never previously have even measured - you can make informed decisions and take risks in a controlled manner. Be a leader in your industry and enjoy riding the cusp of the wave.

  • Data compliance & security
  • CRM & sales management
  • Simplified operations & fulfilment
  • Systems integrations
  • Culture change
  • Insights

Our Approach to Success

Integrated Marketing

Streamlined business processes, combined with strategic marketing can create the extraordinary. 

Founded on the passionate pursuit of marketing excellence, iCandy Design has an incredible team of designers, web developers, digital marketers, copywriters, lead generators and social media experts. Together, we pioneer your brand to give it its place in the world. 

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