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5 Benefits of Brand Guidelines

We all know the importance of having brand guidelines, but do you truly know the benefits of them? Often, they get created and over time forgotten about or thought of as something only your design team would use. This should not be the case as brand guidelines are a valuable document for your whole team, helping you create a complete and unified business.

Brand Guidelines Benefits

The Benefits:

1. Increased Revenue

In a study by Forbes it was shown that businesses on average had an increased revenue of 23% when they had brand consistency across all their platforms. This is why it’s an invaluable asset to have a homogenous team that have knowledge of the brand guidelines.

2. Increased Reach and Brand Awareness

Having this unified team can also benefit your brand awareness by increasing your reach. It has been seen when employees share marketing messages rather than just the brand itself, they reach 561% more people. This is due to people trusting what they see as “real people” rather than a faceless brand.

3. Brand Recognition

Having a signature colour can increase brand recognition by 80%. It’s one of the first things our brains identify from a brand, and usually the thing that draws us in. Having that perfect colour or colour combination that makes messaging easier to read, is not only more visually appealing to the consumer but can also improve your readership by 40%.

4. Customer Loyalty

It is a known thing that having happy customers creates customer loyalty, and an effective way to keep customers happy is to provide them with an enjoyable user experience. But did you know that 90% of consumers expect the experience with your brand to be similar across all platforms and devices? Always referring back to your brand guidelines can help retain that seamless experience.

5. Customer Trust

Your customers’ trust is a vital part of getting sales, without it you will quickly see a decline in revenue. The presence of social media is at the forefront of most marketing strategies and a core element to building that trust with your customers. So, having a brand name that is consistent across all platforms including your social handles is key, as consumers are 71% more likely to buy from a brand they follow on social media.


Benefit from your branding…

If you’re not seeing these benefits from your brand guidelines it may be time to get some expert help. At iCandy Design we have worked on a range of branding projects for a variety of industries. We have the knowledge and passion needed to help get your business to where it should be. Get in touch with our team today for a free consultation.

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