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A Brief Guide to Brighter Marketing

So how do you go about creating a fantastic marketing campaign? Here's a brief guide to give you some ideas:

1. Know your audience

The better you know them, the better you can appeal to their needs and interests. If you don't have a clear understanding of your target audience then analyse your current clients and why they chose your brand. Not enough data to get the full picture? Put a research plan in place to fill in the gaps.

2. Promote your USP

Your unique selling proposition is the main benefit driving sales. Usually it focuses on a unique problem that you solve better than anyone else. It must be compelling and strong enough to move people to act. It's central to all of your marketing communications, so it's worth getting right.

3. Keep your brand sharp

In everything from logos to business cards and marketing collateral, your brand must speak to the customer in a contemporary, relevant and consistent manner. Ensure it supports your USP and accurately reflects your position don't mislead your audience by looking top quality if you're aiming to be a low-cost option.

4. Keep messaging consistent

Write key statements to feature in your communications, maybe starting with a tagline, single sentence version and then a standard short paragraph. Develop six key messages that you should be communicating and make sure they feature in most of your communications.

5. Choose your communications mix

Every sector and brand is unique, so there is no standard marketing mix that works for everyone. The key is to understand your options and then choose a media mix that fits your audience (where do they spend their time and attention), budget and marketing communications goals.

6. Select your metrics

Ensure that your communications are measurable. Whether its email open rates, website views or direct mail response rates, establish key goals and put systems in place to chart your success. Tie this data in with sales metrics to get a real sense of what works and what doesn't.

7. Integrate your marketing

Is each element of your marketing set up to drive traffic to your ultimate target, a closed sale? Be sure to use the same keywords and phrases throughout your communications mix.

8. Manage leads

So you've got people interested now what? Help clients move through the sales funnel and close more leads by using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that allows you to organise your information about your customers and prospects.

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