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Marketing - In-House Vs. Outsourcing

When it comes to growing your business, a smart and concise marketing strategy is vital. Many businesses have trouble deciding whether to develop an in-house team to achieve their goals or go with a digital marketing agency instead.

Marketing - In-house vs Outsourcing 

In-House Marketing

Small to medium-sized businesses often decide to create in-house teams to develop company branding and marketing. This can be beneficial on a short-term basis; you end up with a team of industry specialists who are dedicated to your brand, and your brand only.

However, when looking at your business from a long-term perspective, an in-house team isn’t necessarily feasible. The cost of an in-house team can far outweigh the cost of outsourcing your business ambitions to an agency for creative marketing solutions – spending less time and money in this area, means you’ll have more freedom and resources to reinvest back into your business! 

Similarly, it isn’t enough to have a team who only specialise in your brands industry. Marketing professionals are readily equipped with the expertise needed to render better results for your business.

Digital Marketing Agency

An agency is the answer for those wanting to propel their business growth, discover how outsourcing works for the benefit of your business. Employing a digital marketing agency will save time and money, meaning you can focus on making your business a success:

  • Outsourcing your marketing to a digital agency is a cost-effective method that often results in a high ROI.
  • Digital marketing agencies possess the expertise and resources to perform at a consistently high standard and produce quality content with positive results.
  • A digital marketing agency means you’ll have an entire team of experts working on innovative strategies and coming up with creative marketing solutions for your business.


The Right Agency for You…

Outsourcing your marketing goals can be daunting, you want to know that you can trust a digital marketing agency with your marketing and brand image. At iCandy Design we build relationships with our clients, so your vision is always bought to life – think of us as your extended marketing team! We take pride in our services and the work we produce; get in touch to discover how we work and why iCandy Design is the right agency for you.

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