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10 Reasons You Need a New Website

We have put together 10 factors that contribute towards bad practice. If you are unsure about how your website performs, read on...

1. Outdated Content (can’t update Content)

If you are unable to update any content on your site or rely on a webmaster – it can become out of date very quickly, this will make your website appear aged and unreliable to visitors.

Working with a good content management system will ensure that you are able to update any content you wish to suit any changes / updates within your business.

2. Not Responsive

Responsive design is pushed all the time – and it is for a good reason. Responsive design is all about User eXperience (UX).

Without responsive design your website will not be experienced by visitors as intended – negativity affecting UX and traffic to your website.

To put this in context, between December 2013 and December 2015, smartphone internet consumption increased by 78% - exemplifying the importance of responsive web design for businesses. Let us help...

3. Loading is slow

Is increasing the speed of your website a priority? Well, put yourself in the shoes of your users… You are browsing a website, it takes longer than 4 seconds to load - how likely are you to stay around and wait? We are guessing not very long – like most of us! What if we told you that it takes 50 milliseconds for users to form a first opinion on a website?

While a longer page load time is not likely to effect search rankings, it will effect user experience which in turn increases bounce rates and decreases chances of conversions.

We regularly monitor and improve page speeds suggested by Google to improve UX – compressing images, browser caching and more… 

First impressions have a lasting affect on people – so make it the right one, and make sure you don’t loose visitors in that time. 

4. You can’t find yourself on Google

Have you recently Googled your business's primary activity and not found a link to your site? If so, this may be because your site is 4-5 years old and lacking vital SEO elements.

We can increase search engine visibility and traffic to your website through in-depth keyword research and competitor analysis. 

Need more information on the benefits of SEO? Find out here!  

5.Doesn’t Link to Social Media Accounts

Social media is now another valuable platform to market your services or products on – providing a great way to establish and maintain a relationship with your customers. 

By not linking to your social media accounts you are missing out on another opportunity to engage with your audience.

6.Inconsistent Branding

It is important for people to instantly recognise your brand, whether it be on social media, your website or printed materials. A good brand will be consistent across all platforms and kept updated as design and branding trends develop to ensure your brand stays current.

Develop your Brand Identity here!

7. No leads

A website typically exists to serve one purpose – to help generate business and leads. If your website is no longer doing this, it is not fulfilling its primary function. Therefore it is time to review the site whilst ensuring your business is fully supported by regular marketing activities. 

Find out how to turn clicks into customers & generate leads!  

8. You prefer your competitor sites

Do you find yourself drawn to creeping around your competitor’s sites? If so, this really should tell you you need a new website – you want to be the competition, not lusting over their websites! 

Whether it be better navigation, imagery, design or more organisation you can be sure your customers will spend plenty of time here too!

9. Poor User Experience (UX)

If your website does not follow certain expected conventions; for example, an inconsistent layout, illogical navigation and browser incompatibility it will provide poor UX for your visitor, causing them to leave your website and likely not return.

How do people view your website? - Find out!

10. Lack of structure to your content

The content may have been perfectly aligned to your company message and brand when the site went live (5 years ago) – but over the years it may have lost its message. A good website should lead people exactly where they want to be through clear navigational structure and clear content and messaging.

Are You Guilty?

If you have read this and plead guilty to one or more of these signs, you really should do something about it.

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