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Google Ads - Risk vs Reward

Looking to set up Google Ads? Or, do you currently have an account and are not sure how it works or if it's performing at its best? Discover the key risks and rewards to Google Ads and whether it's the right choice for your business.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a paid advertising product; working on a cost-per-click basis, meaning you only pay per click (PPC). Google Ads can be highly beneficial when set up well and looked after, however, it’s a very different story when it’s not.

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  • Resources. Not having the right resources can mean not enough research is done into important elements like keywords. It can also mean not having the time to manage campaigns regularly, check the performance and iron out any issues quickly.
  • Expensive. Money can be quickly and easily wasted when campaigns aren’t set up correctly. For example, bidding on words with high competition can spend your budget rapidly, because you are paying per click, not conversion.
  • Online reputation. If you are not targeting the right audience for your business, or if it’s not clear as to where your ad leads, you can easily annoy users. Making users feel misled or confused, damages your online reputation and creates a distrust or dislike towards your brand.
  • SEO. Google Ads can hinder your SEO efforts when poorly created ads start producing high bounce rates, which has a knock-on effect to all your traffic and site performance. You also run the risk of stealing organic traffic when you don’t manage your Google Ads and Analytics as a whole. 


  • Cost effective. Taking the time to do keyword research well, can make a big difference in the words you target and bid on. Meaning you are able to get more from your budget.
  • Drive traffic. Bidding on the right keywords not only means you spend your money wisely but can have a dramatic impact on the traffic to your website. We know with increased traffic means increased brand awareness and therefore more potential leads and sales.
  • Increase organic traffic. When campaigns are looked after and managed regularly, you are able to start increasing your organic traffic, having your PPC campaigns work together with your SEO rather than damage it. This, in turn, can help to lower your Google Ads costs.
  • Data. When set up well, Google Ads can be a great source of data on your customers and their shopping habits. As such, this allows you to target your ads even more effectively and reduce cost without affecting your results. Building strong data can be one of the most valuable tools in marketing.


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