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SEO - a Long-Term Solution

Your website gives you the chance to create a platform that introduces your brand, highlights your strengths and converts a visitor into a loyal customer. It is a crucial part of your business and how you manage your SEO strategy is a critical part in making your website a success. So, what's your long-term solution?

SEO Marketing

A Crowded Market

If you are in a particularly competitive market, then standing out from the crowd might seem like an impossible task. The reality is that while it can be difficult to reach the top spots of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), it is possible and having the right strategy and expertise goes a long way to achieving this goal.  

Planning for the Long Term

The reactive nature of the business world can mean that your company does not have time to create and implement an SEO strategy in any detail. Companies lean towards tools that give them short-term solutions to a long-term problem such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, but these don’t necessarily provide you with a stable platform from which to grow.

PPC has a lot of strength in promoting your website and can work alongside SEO to great effect. However, PPC is limited by your daily budget and once that has run out your website may well be invisible. If your aim is to hold the top spots of the SERPs and gain high-quality, high-converting traffic then you need to be prepared to take a long-term view of your position and the work you need to put in.

Research, Planning, and Implementation

To build a strong SEO foundation for your site means a lot of research which involves a deep analysis on key competitors, an accurate appraisal of your strengths and weaknesses and what keywords your customers are using in the market place.

When you consider keywords, you need to be aware of many factors such as customer vs corporate vocabulary. Understanding what questions your customers are asking sets you up in the strong position to answer those questions. This enables you to create a robust content plan that has a clear goal.

Once you are armed with this information it will give you a natural understanding of your customers, their needs and how best to reach them. This positive experience for your customers will translate into higher rankings and higher conversions.

Time Frame

This isn’t a quick process, but it is a highly valuable one. Depending on your goals you should be looking at a minimum of six months to implement a high-quality SEO strategy. But with a robust content strategy and patient implementation, you will see a massive improvement in the quality of traffic that visits your site within the year.


How we can help

The two critical roadblocks that companies face when implementing an SEO strategy is time and expertise. So let us help! At iCandy Design, we have a wealth of experience with all aspects of digital marketing including the SEO process. We understand the importance of your website to your business and work with you to maximise its potential. Maybe you are struggling with a low ranking on the SERPs and don’t know how to improve, or maybe you’re building a website and want to get the best possible start? Whatever your problem, we have a solution.

Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out exactly what we can do for you.

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