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Top 5 Valentine's Day Marketing Campaigns

Valentine's Day offers a unique opportunity to engage with your customers, boost brand awareness and provide potential revenue opportunities, as the day is all about celebrating love and friendship!

At the core of a good marketing strategy for Valentine’s Day is creating a connection between brand and consumer, but if you can make someone smile or laugh, even better.


This advertisement, 'How Kids See Valentine’s Day', from 2017 shows kids, or eHarmony’s ‘little ambassadors’ create Valentine’s Day cards, which the big kids can then send to friends and loved ones online.

 The children are so honest in their responses and reactions; eHarmony capitalises on the cute factor here in a major way. Beyond this, it is a great marketing tactic as it gets to the simplicity of love and reminds the viewer that the simple things should matter most when celebrating.




Ikea took out an ad in Australian newspapers in 2013 with a coupon for a free crib for babies born on November 14th, exactly 9 months after Valentine’s Day. The customer needed to keep the coupon, provide a “proof of birth” and the crib was theirs.

Ikea’s low cost and ingenious ad, shows you can have a big impact without a big budget by thinking outside the box.



Celebrated marketers, Coca-Cola, often come up with innovative and thought-provoking ads. Their 2013 Valentine’s Day advert, 'Happiness is in the Air', was no exception. This romantic advert features young couples in love who watch cans of Coke tied to red balloons fill the skies above Wellington, New Zealand.

This is a great example of clearly articulating a brand’s value and imagery, whilst sharing a feel-good and happy message.




We have all had a “third-wheel”  experience and Deliveroo capitalises on the potentially awkward and humorous side to it with their 2017 Valentine’s Day commercial, ‘Third-Wheel Kevin’.

Deliveroo successfully provided entertainment value, whilst highlighting that they were running a great deal for the week of Valentine’s Day, thus driving sales.




Domino's has had some seriously funny commercials over the years and they did not disappoint with their 2017 Valentine’s Day ad. Domino's gave away a one of a kind, 22-carat gold pizza slice engagement ring, topped with pepperoni shaped diamonds. The winner was chosen at random from UK residents who had commented on the Domino's Facebook page.

Apart from being a genuinely funny marketing tool, it showcases a great way to engage with customers and create a buzz on social media through the use of an effective hashtag.



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