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All Eyes on You: How to Update Your Content Strategy

Has your content been performing as well as you'd like? With the new year around the corner, now is the ideal time to review your content marketing strategy and implement changes to make sure it is!

update your content

Whether you’re posting email, social or web content, building a sustainable strategy can prevent your business from feeling the chill this winter.

The Importance of Content

Content is the product of creating articles, images, and videos – anything that you post for your audience to see. Posting valuable content that has been expertly aimed at your target audience is a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness, create interest, customer loyalty and supports SEO.

Are you posting regularly but not seeing much interaction from your audience? Or perhaps your blogs aren’t attracting as many people as you’d hoped? These are symptoms of a poor digital strategy, but there is a cure!

Reaching your Target Audience

Without knowing who your target audience is, it will be challenging to effectively create content and target them. This means it’ll be unlikely they will see your content, no matter how interesting it is! Gathering information on how and where they consume content, what they like and their behaviours will allow you to pinpoint how to better your strategy for an improved outcome.

Tools such as Facebook Business Insights gives you the ability to see when your audience views your content, as well as their behaviours, interests and demographical information – all for free! Tracking your reach and impressions allows you to gain a better understanding of what content works and what doesn’t.

Setting up your email account and subscribe list is another way you can track your feedback. A good email marketing service will allow you to see which emails bounce, the open percentage and unsubscribe rates which give you an insight into the success of your emails. Delving deeper into email marketing, you’ll be able to send targeted emails to groups of people, depending on their relationship with the business, interests and how far down the sales funnel they are.

Unlocking Keyword Potential

iCandy Design understands the power of perfectly positioned keywords, and we implement this method for both off and on-page SEO. Writing keyword-rich content can significantly improve the likelihood of ranking higher on SERPs, meaning your content will have a greater chance of being seen by your target audience. 

Our team research extensively into the phrases and search terms your audience use, discovering the perfect long tail and short tail keywords. On top of this, we’ll research ranking difficulty, popular search terms, and even your competitor keywords. We then consciously include these keywords and phrases in written content so your business content is precisely targeted to your ideal customers. 

Keeping it Consistent

Maintaining a consistent brand image is important for retaining customers, familiarisation and brand recognition. This can consist of tone-of-voice and language across your website, email and social posts, to having recognisable brand colours and images. 

As well as a consistent image, having a consistent schedule is just as important. By having a posting schedule, your audience has a better chance of seeing your business, products and promotional material more often and algorithms typically prefer frequent posters as opposed to sporadic ones.

Here at iCandy Design, our talented team works with you to create and maintain a consistent image and posting schedule across all your platforms. From inbox to Instagram, your audience will recognise your brand and understand what your business stands for.


New Year, New Digital Strategy

Don’t leave your content strategy lonely this winter! iCandy Design can create and implement a digital strategy that incorporates content across social, web and email, working closely with you to ensure you’re reaching your goals. Learn more about the value of content marketing and get in touch with our friendly team today.

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