Case Studies

A Cohesive Approach to Marketing

By enlisting our support, your business has the benefit of access to a wide range of disciplines and expertise areas. iCandy Design has a large team, including graphic designers, web developers, digital marketers, social media experts, copywriters, back end developers and project managers. 

The Challenge

As businesses grow, it is easy to organically develop a fractured marketing approach as multiple 3rd parties are brought onboard to support with different elements. Whilst this may initially seem a cost-effective solution, it quickly becomes difficult to manage, with disparate disciplines demanding direction, resource and attention. This can result in an increased cost of management, the inevitable hidden costs, lack of clarity of message and inconsistent brand presentation.

How We Helped

Clients come to us, concerned about the lack of ROI they receive, whilst spending an excessive amount of energy and time directing individual suppliers with motive-focused KPIs for the activities they are undertaking. In this scenario it is very common to struggle with brand performance and direction.

At iCandy Design we strip out the complexity and bind each of the required marcoms activities together to create stronger, more efficient, individual marcoms approach. We take on your brand and brief, and own the responsibility for the results. 

The Benefits

Aside from having all the experts you need in the many marketing disciplines required all under one roof, we create a single, joined-up strategy that has the success of the business in mind. This avoids fractured marketing outputs, budgets and results. Combined with our dedicated account management and knowledge we can make delivery more efficient and ensure a cohesive, consistent positioning and message for your target audiences across all platforms. 

At iCandy Design we understand how to drive results through the conversion funnel and with our approach, we can ensure that the most effective levers are pulled to deliver the best ROI for you.