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Why you Should Outsource Your Marketing

When it comes to generating leads and sales, getting visitors to your site is only half the battle. The next half is turning this click into profit for your business.

It is easy to fall into a trap of running a business, and then abandoning growing it - we have all been there!

When deadlines are looming, marketing activities are often the key area within a business that can get pushed aside. Whilst in reality, efficient marketing should be at the heart of any successful business, and should remain a priority, regardless of the economic climate. However, with the year of economic uncertainty ahead, firms face difficult times and must find cost effective methods of ensuring that they stay a-float.

In cases where businesses struggle to find the time and money to dedicate to marketing activities, companies are realising that outsourcing these responsibilities acts as a cost effective solution in order to help avoid disaster.

How do you currently perceive your marketing activity?

Below are some key benefits we believe that outsourcing marketing activities can bring to your business:

Fresh ideas

As a business grows, so does the need for quality marketing and ideas - this can be particularly daunting if you have limited marketing expertise! So what better way to ensure fresh creativity, new ideas and an un-biased perspective by working with a marketing agency who won't be afraid to push the boundaries to show you what will work for your business.


Outsource marketing has become a more common practice in recent times. Marketing plans can be specifically tailored to meet the requirements of businesses of all sizes and budgets, with the flexibility to choose how little or how often these activities are undertaken.

Save time money

Working with an agency, businesses benefit from top level marketing experts on hand with a case of '10 heads is better than 1'. You can choose to allocate 1 or multiple projects to them and only pay for the services you need - saving you time and money. If you only require marketing activities at certain times or periods, using an agency helps you to avoid needing to employ in-house marketers in between projects. Plus, youll be avoiding the hidden costs of employing staff, such as sick pay, office overheads and holidays these are all left with your marketing agency!


The marketing that is undertaken for you will ultimately pay for itself with the exposure that it brings to your business, building your way to success.


Inevitably, hiring professional agencies to work on marketing strategies on behalf of your business will generate the results for the objective set (i.e more traffic to your website, more sales, better functional campaigns that are reported on and improved for next time). 

(Why) should you outsource your marketing?

There are many reasons why it is becoming more commonplace to reach for outsource marketing. However, its important that you pick the right team to partner with.

At iCandy Design we work closely with you and your business to build a marketing strategy to suit your requirements. What sets us apart is our objective approach. We are entirely media neutral, strategy-driven and highly creative and believe in applying imaginative thinking to everything we do!

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