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Frightful Marketing Mistakes for B2B

The B2B marketing landscape is ever-changing, making it difficult to keep on top of everything, whilst also running your business. It means mistakes are often made and not sorted quickly. Here are a few of the top B2B marketing mistakes that often get forgotten.

B2B Marketing Mistakes

Ignoring SEO

‘73% of global traffic to B2B company sites originate from the search engines. Most will not go past the first page of Google.’

Not paying attention to, or following best practices for SEO, can cost you being on that first page of Google and with most people never going past the first page, a lot of lost leads! Getting to grips with SEO can be hard if you’ve never done it before, which is why it’s worth doing your research, seeking advice or hiring an expert. Although results can sometimes not be seen right away, done well, SEO can have a hugely positive impact on your website traffic, and in turn, creating more potential leads.

Not maximising your resources

Google Analytics is a prime resource for any business, but just setting up an account is not enough; this is a tool you should check regularly. A lot of businesses don’t use some of the key tracking features Google Analytics offers for example, Goals URLs. This sets up a way for you to track when a user completes a conversion on your website, this could be filling in a contact or enquiry form or downloading a PDF.

Now you have all this amazing data, it’s vital to follow it up, and chase those potential leads that you can now see through analytics. It’s great having all that data but it’s worthless if you just sit on it.

Thinking Social Media is just a sales platform

‘75% of B2B Buyers are influenced by social. The new B2B buyer is educated, social and does not require face to face contact.’

Social platforms are not billboards or somewhere for you to post sales only focused statements at the buyer. It is now important to engage with people, giving them an insight into your company. Getting social right can increase your brand awareness to your target audience, bringing you better quality leads. It is a useful tool in gaining an insight into your followers’ behaviours by providing in-depth analytics, so your business can maximise its efforts.

Assuming your Marketing Strategy is a fixed plan

Your marketing strategy should be adaptable, changing as your business grows and develops, adjusting with new learnings and insight from collected data. Revisiting your marketing strategy regularly is beneficial in making sure it’s in line with your sales strategy, business goals, and the latest data insights.

Believing User Experience is for Web Designers and Developers

‘76% of customers say the most important factor in a website’s design is “the website makes it easy for me to find what I want”.’

Often businesses only focus on their products, what the key features are, its specifications and the benefits. It’s important to also think about your prospects, and their needs and desires. Looking at both means you can try and match the two up; making sure you advertise the right product or service to the prospect, in a way that appeals to them.


Making frightful mistakes…

Spooked that your business is making some of these marketing mistakes? Our team of expert marketeers have worked with a wide range of B2B companies in a variety of industries and have the tools to help. Working alongside you to support your business’s needs, so you can get on with the important day-to-day running of your business. Get in touch with our passionate team today.

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