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Does This Sound Familiar ?

Some of the most recognised brands in the world spend millions of pounds every year on marketing, to achieve their target revenue.

On the other hand, some businesses neglect marketing, only realising the impact of this once it is too late. These businesses see marketing as something they feel the ought to do, but do not give marketing the time or budget it deserves. 

Between these two extremes exist companies that often forget about marketing once they feel 'comfortable'. When a company becomes 'busy' it is tempting to put marketing on the back burner. Unfortunately given this scenario you can't expect instant results from turning the gas back on once things quieten down.

Here are a few common sense reasons why you should strive to engage in regular marketing activities:

1. Help to shape your customer base

As your company evolves, your company will need to target different audiences. Marketing has the ability to help and define your customers, allowing you to focus on those that are most profitable.

2. Build a powerful brand

Make people recognise and remember you. Make people choose your company over another using effective marketing strategies. Take Google for example – an established brand. People know and trust Google, using it as their preferred search engine. It is a recognised brand, used over their competitors which is the end goal. This is achieved through effective on-going marketing that supports and builds brand recognition.

3. Secure your company's future

Marketing creates and retains an incoming flow of business for the present and into the future. You may be busy now, but without marketing can you guarantee you will be in 6 months? By planting seeds now, you can reap the rewards later.

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