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Filling the Funnel and Delivering Conversions

Marketing consultants who deliver valuable customers to you.

iCandy Design delivers actionable insights based on in-depth marketing research, turning website clicks into purchasing customers.

Monitor the progress of sales opportunities in your conversion funnel and take control of your pipeline by understanding who your customer is, where to find them and what content encourages them to progress to a sale. Implementing a comprehensive conversion strategy into your marketing approach will dramatically improve the success your sales team has with leads.

What is a Conversion Funnel?

Your target customers will be at various stages of interest in buying your product or service. A conversion funnel is an avenue that takes a lead from initial awareness of the opportunity to a converted sale.

73% of leads are not ready to be sold to, however, companies that invest in nurturing their leads see a 9.3% uplift in their sales quota achievement rate.  Therefore, lead nurturing should be a crucial component in your marketing strategy.

How to Funnel your Audience

iCandy Design has extensive marketing knowledge and digital expertise, spanning a number of B2B and B2C businesses and industries. Our cross-sector observations and best practice will give you an edge against the competition, letting you lead the way.

Gone are the days of a scattergun approach. Instead, keep your conversion funnel topped up, driving rich leads to completion.

This process involves different methods at different stages in the funnel, and these could, for example, be:

  • Driving awareness: through best practise SEO
  • Encouraging interest: with social and digital ads
  • Presenting the value of the brand: through blogs and onsite content
  • Educating the customer about the opportunity and building brand trust: with guides, infographics and rich onsite content
  • Establishing your product/service as the optimal solution
  • Converting the sale: with well-placed calls-to-action on a user-friendly website

The Benefits of Funnelling

Using a conversion funnel is a great way to identify weaknesses within your marketing and sales efforts, helping you pin-point where hot leads are dropping off.

By fine-tuning marketing tactics at each key stage, you will be able to capture your target audience without wasting valuable resources, resulting in improved conversion rates and more accurate sales predictions.


Strategies for Smarter Working

With iCandy Design, your business can thrive in the current unsteady economic environment. Implement a future-proofed conversion funnel that delivers real results, time and time again.

Contact us today to begin refining your marketing approach or visit our services page to learn more. 

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