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The Power of a Bespoke CMS

Having a Content Management System (CMS) that gives you flexibility and control is crucial for the digital health of your website.

Power of a Bespoke CMS 

An efficient CMS sets the foundation for a well-maintained, responsive website, so it’s important to choose a CMS that is easy to use and SEO friendly. That’s where Syrup comes in!

Syrup is iCandy Design’s very own CMS, built bespoke for your specific content management needs and developed around the requirements of your business. With our CMS, you’ll experience a completely custom built website with no off-the-shelf software or templated designs. 

Your Website, Your Way

Whether you want to upload a new article, manage existing content or change the way a certain page looks, with Syrup the power is in your hands! 

A well-designed CMS gives you the flexibility and control to make quick changes to your website, without needing to learn a single line of complicated HTML code – and Syrup provides you with just that.

Responsive Website Design

Syrup makes having a website easy. No need to worry about how your website looks across different devices; Syrup has already sorted this for you. Unlike outdated content management systems, Syrup automatically displays content correctly depending on the device.

Whether your customers view your website on a large desktop screen or a tiny tablet, they’ll experience a seamless user experience and a beautiful design – just as you intended.

Simplifying SEO

SEO needn’t be a mystery. Syrup gives you easy access to your meta descriptions, meta titles and image alt tags, so you can take control of your SEO.

This means you can harness the power of Syrup’s SEO features by updating content as and when you wish, without waiting for a web development specialist to do it for you.

Understanding the Essentials

Here at iCandy Design, we give full Syrup training so you understand how to use it to its fullest potential, giving you total access and control over your website and its content.


Innovative Marketing Solutions for Innovative Businesses

Make sure you don’t fall victim to search engine algorithms; keeping your website up-to-date with fresh content is the key to a successful SEO and content marketing strategy and that can be easily achieved using Syrup. 

Here at iCandy Design, we’re not just a web design agency; we’re the whole package. Get in touch to discuss your website and marketing requirements.

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