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Catering to the Post-Pandemic Retail Environment

From 15th June, all retailers will be able to re-open their stores. However, the nation has become increasingly reliant on online shopping, so how likely is it that the high street will have the same footfall that it had before lockdown?

Retail Environment

The Current Situation

Data provided by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that there has been an 18.1% decrease in retail sales since the start of COVID-19. In comparison, online shopping has seen a considerable increase, reaching a record high of 30.7% as a proportion for the entire retail sector.

According to the BBC, retailers now question whether consumers will have “the appetite” to go back to the high street. 

As industries evolve and consumer buying behaviours change, it is crucial that you establish your online presence in order to generate success and influence sales.

How Digital Marketing Will Benefit Your Online Presence

Your audience is online now more than ever and catering to your increasing digital audience will render an impressive ROI and generate long-term results. Discover the benefits of marketing during, and after lockdown.

A high-quality website is vital for your business, consumers expect and deserve a platform that is responsive and functional.

iCandy Design provide creative UX design and digital solutions, brand identity services, web development, and social media marketing services to create a meaningful digital platform that delivers results for your business.

Optimising all of these key areas will not only assist in the acquisition and retention of customers, but also help boost your SERP rankings as search engines reward websites that have up to date coding, regular traffic, and consistent content.


Drive Digital Traffic to Your Website

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