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How to Turn Clicks into Customers

When it comes to generating leads and sales, getting visitors to your site is only half the battle. The next half is turning this click into profit for your business.

Create a Good First Impression

Your ultimate goal when a visitor lands on your website is to ensure they stay for as long as it takes to sell your services to them and land a conversion.

It takes approximately 2.6 seconds for a users eyes to find a section of a website that influences their first impressions, therefore it is key for a website to contain relevant, eye catching information.

So, how do you ensure visitors stay longer?

Be Relevant

Put yourself in the position of the users. When you are browsing the internet, our expectation is be to be presented with websites relevant to your search query, and why wouldn't you? 

Relevance is crucial to ensure that the user finds something they were initially looking for that is tailored to their requirements. From this initial interest, they may choose to explore other services. 

Be Credible

A website that doesn't look credible leads to low conversion rates and high bounce rates. Visitors are quick to judge and on average will make up their mind on whether to stay on a website or not in 50 milliseconds (that's 1/1 seconds).  

UX (User Experience

If your website is not 'user friendly' and compatible with all devices this will contribute to a visitor's decision not to bounce off the website. 

Following the Google algorithm update in April 2015, mobile searches overtook desktop for the first time. Therefore, a fully responsive website is key to providing the best UX for visitors. 

Let iCandy help to grow your business...

These are just a handful of tips that can contribute to converting clicks to customers. 

At iCandy Design we work with businesses of all sizes to increase leads, build brand awareness and generate profit. 

If you are interested in turning your clicks into customers, please contact iCandy Design today to find out how we can build your business to success!