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Demystifying Web Design & Development

When you first land on a website, do you ever think about all the work that goes on behind the scenes? The design, build and implementation? These are all steps that work together to bring a website to life, and allow a project to really grow as it develops.

Read on as we demystify behind the scenes of the studio…

Web Design

The design stage is the first part of the process. The brief should include the brand direction and message, inclusive of customer personas and objectives. Design considerations will include aspects such as the colour scheme, images, tone of voice and identity.

38% of users will stop engaging with a website if they feel it is unattractive.

Making sure this 38% doesn’t leave your website for a competitor is very important. So, how do you prevent this? Providing the best User Experience (UX) for your visitors is crucial, encouraging conversions and generating potential leads.

UX should be considered during the web design processes and continued through to web development.  All decisions throughout execution will be formed based on the wants and needs of the end user – ensuring that everything works together seamlessly!

Web Development

Web development is the process that actually brings the design to life, encouraging users to engage and take action. This is done through call to actions, online forms and bespoke features using CSS and HTML5.

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At iCandy Design, our team of developers have an in-depth knowledge of SEO that is incorporated into all the websites we build – ensuring that your business starts on the right foot. 

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Syrup CMS

With the ever increasing requirement for more relevant content to stay competitive, it is extremely important that we provide our clients with websites that can be updated with ease, are secure and enable future features to be added without issues that you may typically encounter with “off-the-shelf” solutions.

iCandy Design has developed a bespoke content management system: Syrup. Using Syrup allows us to differentiate client’s websites from their competitors, through the way sites function, appear and behave. This enables us to spend less time working within the constraints of a system that doesn’t fit your business needs and, focus more time on creating something that separates you from “the rest”.


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