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Are you on top of your Consumer Engagement?

Consumers today are more digitally connected and better informed than ever before. Due to this, businesses face pressure to provide the best customer experiences on all platforms in real time, in order to stay competitive.

Consumer EngagementRegardless of the industry, users expect to experience a more personalised and relevant communication at every interaction. Whilst the strategies to achieve customer engagement are constantly changing, the need to engage will never change.

Understand Your Target Demographics

Personalisation is now key. It is vital to understand the target demographic that you wish to reach. This includes creating a detailed persona that represents your ideal customer or client base. This will be based around a set of characteristics including age, gender, education, profession, occupation etc. These sets of target audiences will be the focus of your content, email and social media posts for your marketing activities. Identify your target audience...

Recognise Relevant Posting Times

You could post a tweet, a piece of content or an email campaign that you are sure your target audience would love – but if you are not inline with your audience’s behaviours it may not perform as well as it should.

It is fundamental to success that you understand the key posting time for each of your marketing activities – and these may not be the same for each platform. From social to email these will differ. Using relevant marketing tools and insight analytic programmes, you can tailor your communications to market your business more specifically. Understand Social Media...

Measuring & Reporting

A Recent report has shown data-driven marketing increases customer engagement - providing more relevant and credible content for the user.

This survey found that out of 73% respondents who collected customer behaviour data, only 37% used this information for marketing purposes. Measuring and reporting tools allow your business an in-depth and added insight to form the key basis of your marketing strategies. This can help your business improve driving traffic, generating leads and creating conversions! Establish an analytics and reporting tool for your business...

Optimise for Mobile

Consumers are using their mobile phones more and more for search, therefore it is key that all websites and marketing services are built using responsive templates –now a critical element of customer engagement. This has to be implemented from the web design and development stage in order to be ensure everything works seamlessly together from the start. Learn about current user behaviours...


Improve Your Consumer Engagement

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