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5 Must Write Blog Topics for E-commerce

Generating fresh and current content can be difficult. When it comes to an e-commerce business, content generation can be made harder with the pressure of continuously converting traffic to sales. So, shake it off and take a minute (or five) to be inspired by our top 5 must write topics for your e-commerce blog.

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1. Shopping Guides

Shopping guides are a great way for you to highlight multiple products without sounding too salesy or pushy. Guides offer solutions and provide inspiration to customers, helping them find the perfect product.

Gift guides provide an easy way for customers to shop your products and can be related to relevant holidays like Mother’s Day or Christmas. Guides can also be organised by budget – ‘Best Gifts Under £20’ or ‘Our Top Gifts Over £50’.

2. Staff Favourites and Top Picks

Get personal with your customers and give them an insight into best sellers and the products you love. Get creative and find inspiration anywhere, from the seasons or latest fashion trends. These styles of blogs are great because they build trust with your customers as they feel more personal and genuine when coming from a member of your team rather than the brand.

Why not take it a step further and partner with other brands, to help bring your products to a new audience. The key is to work with brands who are not direct competitors but that compliment your brand, products and have a similar ethos to yours. These can all help enhance your brand’s style, strengthen your brand message and increase your brand awareness.

3. How-To’s

These types of blogs are really engaging because you’re encouraging your customers to share feedback on their experience. How-to blogs can be done as a step-by-step guide on how to use or style a product you sell. You can generate content seasonally by focusing on a current trend or event, or by doing a ‘how-to recreate the look’, which could feature multiple products.

4. Answering Customer Questions

Connect with your audience and write a blog on questions you have received from your customers. You may discover these are questions many of your customers have and therefore could prove useful to them, helping you drive site traffic and increase sales.

This blog type is great for building a long-term relationship with your customers, as they will feel your brand is listening to their questions and is there to help them.

5. News and Trends

It’s always important to keep your blogs as relevant as possible, not just so your content looks fresh but for SEO purposes. Piggy-backing off current trends can be a helpful way to boost your SEO, just make sure you have a fresh take on it and that it’s fitting with your brand.

Writing pieces on current news, trends or events is a great way to create fresh up-to-date content. Why not create a piece on an award show or film premiere?


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