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Boost your SEO with Social Media

Social platforms are like search engines. This is why it's important to keep your company information current, otherwise, your business could quickly look outdated and therefore be considered untrustworthy. Think, without any social platforms you would rely solely on organic search. Social media is a great FREE promotional tool, so use it to your advantage!

boost your seo

Here are our top tips to help give your SEO a boost by using social media.

Optimise your social profile

  • Social handles: Having the same social handles across all platforms and in line with your brand name and URL is important for your branding. It avoids confusion for users trying to find your business and increases the chances of your social profiles coming up on that all important first results page along with your website. This helps you take up more of the key first page spaces.
  • Business location:Make sure your business location is on all your social platforms to improve your local SEO, especially G+ account as this is closely linked to Google My Business. Including your business location will also help your SEO for voice searches, with Search Engine Watch predicting mobile voice searches to be 3x more likely local-based than text searches for 2020.
  • Google My Business: With the increase in voice searches it’s important to keep your Google My Business (GMB) up-to-date with all your company’s information. A great way to show Google your business is active and relevant is to regularly post and engage on your G+ account. Keeping your business looking current to Google will help both written and voice searches.
  • Social Bio: Having an engaging bio and up-to-date profile information is important. Remember, this could be your customers' first insight into your company. Try putting yourself in your customers' shoes when writing your bio. For example, what information do they need to know? How will they benefit from your services or product? Looking after your social media can increase brand awareness which can easily become user search queries.


Maximise the power of links

  • The different links: There are two types of links ‘nofollow’ & ‘follow’. Follow links are trusted more by Google and therefore considered more valuable compared to nofollow links. However, it’s important that you have a mix of both going to your site for it to look natural to search engines. Nearly all social media links are nofollow links, and although these don’t increase your domain authority, they can still provide your site with valuable traffic.
  • Increase brand awareness: Consistently including engaging posts with quality content linked on your social platforms can increase posts being shared and re-shared, which can lead to an uplift of traffic to your site. This can have a knock-on effect of increased brand awareness and therefore increased direct traffic, all indirectly improving your Google ranking.
  • Quality shares: Social media can help get your content in the hands of authoritative figures and influencers within your industry. Having one of these people share your content with their own audience via their own site can provide you with valuable follow links and increased traffic. 


Need that extra boost?

Looking to get ahead of the competition? Get that extra boost you need with the support of an experienced and knowledgeable marketing team. Covering everything from SEO to social media, we are on hand where you need us, providing a tailored marketing strategy. Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out how we can support you.

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