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Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for 2019

The end of the year is a great time to re-evaluate your digital marketing plan, what worked, what didn't and where you want your business to be this time next year.

digital marketing strategy for 2019

Set your goals

Setting clear goals is the best place to start. What is it you want your business to achieve next year? Breaking down those goals into realistic milestones will help you track your success and make sure you are on course to reaching those goals. It’s important that you make sure the goals and milestones you set can be measured. There is no point having a goal you are unable to track the progress of as otherwise how do you define when the goal is achieved?  Don’t forget to always keep in mind your end user and to look at everything from their vantage point.

Lay the foundations

The hardest part after setting your goals is not rushing to the finish. It can sometimes feel alien to go slow, especially when everything else in digital marketing feels like it’s going at lightning speed, but it’s important to nail those basics. Once you have the foundations to your strategy built, everything else should start to fall into place. Remember, gradual progress and success is better than rushing and failing. 

Keep it flexible

It’s great having a strategy but pointless if you can’t adjust and adapt it as things change. Every business knows, things can always change, and nothing is set in stone, so it’s important to look at your marketing strategy in this way. Make sure your plan can change and go with the flow of your business.

Top 4 digital marketing trends to look out for

When creating your marketing strategy for the new year, we recommend including some of these key trends that are set to go big in 2019.

  • Social media – with 3.2 billion global users, it’s a must for your business to be on social and not just one platform, as you will find different audiences on each. To help maximise your engagement, customise your posts for each platform so you’re targeting that audience.
  • Internet advertising – with predictions of people spending on average 2.6 hours per day online, internet advertising looks to overtake TV advertising. Is your business advertising online?
  • Voice search – one third of the 3.5 billion Google searches daily are voice searches, with the increase of smart speaker devices this only looks to rise. Is your SEO ready for the change in users search?
  • Video marketing – this continues to grow, with 65% of ad impressions on Instagram being the result of video content. Video has become a key element in social media advertising.


Ready for 2019?

Is your digital marketing strategy ready for 2019 and are you on top of the big trends? If you already have lots on your plate for the new year and are in need of support, our helpful team are here for you. We can provide full service marketing support or support for selected elements of your marketing toolbox - whichever your business needs. Get in touch with us today!

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