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Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

Current marketing rumours talk about how email is becoming less effective, and that the social media phenomenon is beginning to take over.

With over 3.649 billion people worldwide using social media – which is expected to rise to 4.7 billion in 2017 – it’s no wonder that businesses are beginning to question whether social media is the better route to acquiring new business…

However, according to the latest 2015 Email Marketing Industry Census, email has been proven to be a far more effective marketing tool than that of social media.

66% of marketers rated email marketing as one of their most effective channels of communication (excellent/good), just under SEO at 73% and above PPC (63%) – all based on the total ROI of each activity.

Why Email Marketing?

Cost Effective

Email marketing is a simple, effective, inexpensive and measurable tool for businesses. It allows marketers to reach a wide audience with little expense to pay, and a lot to return in terms of business.

Builds Credibility

People will only do business with people they trust. Email has the power to build credibility by sharing relevant and informative content with your audience. This enables the sender to connect on a personable level by adapting the e-mail to suit, i.e. personalising the name and information. Further to this, traffic to websites generated by email further build trust with Google.


The beauty of email is that it is flexible. The preview snippet, the sender, the subject line, the CTA’s (call to actions), the send date and time are all variables that can easily be changed and adapted to suit the target audience.


Most importantly, emails can be tracked to monitor analytics, bounce rates, unsubscribes and click through rates – these analytics can the be used to measure its success, highlighting the positive or negative responses, which enable businesses to refine what works and what can be adapted for next time.

Does your business undertake email marketing?

If executed correctly, email marketing is a very effective tool for a business – but there are many pitfalls if these emails turn into spam or do not offer your target audience what they want.

How we can help…

iCandy Design offer full email marketing campaign activities and strategies guaranteed to deliver results. We work with your business to help target your key information, providing analytical reports on every email we send so you can see the benefits and ROI.

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