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Does Google Trust Your Business?

With over 3 billion people in the world now browsing the internet, search rankings are becoming increasingly important for businesses...

We can all identify with the notion of browsing through the search results on Google, and never going past the second page, and definitely not the third. Have you ever wondered why?

Many users presume that the listings on the first page of search results are going to give the best quality information and therefore we tend to look no further. So as time spent browsing the internet rockets, businesses are investing huge sums in their marketing to attract users to their website via search engines like Google.

Search rankings are affected by a multitude of metrics which contribute to your websites overall ranking, and by not providing the best user experience for your website, your search ranking risks being negatively affected. As Google currently dominates the overall search engine market (88.06% of total search engine visits for the week ending of the 6th February 2016), it is important for businesses and their websites to ensure they rank well in order to compete for this large proportion of traffic.

What you can do to help your business' Google Presence?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most affordable, and effective marketing strategies available, when you work with the right professionals. It uses a combination of the techniques listed below (keyword optimised content, links, website design navigation, social media - to name a few) to help increase organic traffic to your website and build trust with Google.

When paired with search engine reports, it becomes a simple yet effective marketing strategy to track your websites performance and highlight key areas for improvement. Many businesses are able to take this in-house, but for those with limited man power, time and marketing knowledge, working with an agency is a perfect solution!

Benefits of SEO include:

  • Increase in organic traffic
  • Cost effective
  • Increased brand recognition identity
  • Measurable results
  • Increase business reach
  • Competitive metrics
  • Increase in website enquiries/leads

What's involved with SEO?

To help improve your trust with Google by optimising your SEO, there are certain areas that need to be maintained regularly.

Regular, Quality Content

It is important to create regular, keyword optimised and relevant content to ensure your business is current and present online. This further demonstrates your websites credibility with Google. This has been a key requirement for websites since 2011, when Google introduced a new update Panda, which ranks websites with less and lighter content lower in search results.

Website Optimisation

For SEO to positively affect your search rankings and trust with Google, your website needs to offer your searchers relevant and consistent information, a fast load speed, good navigation, responsive/mobile design and clear sales messaging. This in turn affects your websites bounce rates, which are reflective of the quality of content offered for your searchers.

Low bounce rates (26%-40%) are a good sign and help communicate to Google that your site is optimised and relevant to users - i.e.people don't immediately leave when they click on your website.

Off-Site Links

The quality of the links in and out of your website will largely determine your website ranking. Building backlinks is not difficult, it is about contacting people and then building a relationship. In order for an off-site link to be considered a trustworthy source it has to be relevant and considered high quality.

Increase Social Media Presence

It is now essential to be active on Social Media. This provides another platform to reach out to your audience and share interesting and relevant content, helping to attract more visitors to your website to further reinforce your trust with Google.

Provide Valid Contact Information

Contact details and maps provide an easy way for your audience to get in touch. These are often listed within search enginesproving that you are a trusted online source.

How we can help…

iCandy Design provide full marketing campaign activities and strategies guaranteed to deliver results.

So, have you found yourself asking why your business isn't ranking well on Google? Get in touch for a free consultation and find out how we can help. 

At iCandy Design we work closely with our clients to build websites and supporting activities, looking at everything from analytics, social media marketing and copywriting. 

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