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New Financial Year, New Marketing Budget...

Has your business prepared a marketing strategy for the new financial year?

With the new financial year just around the corner, is your business ready with an improved marketing strategy for the year ahead? Has your business got a clear and concise brand established?

Whilst you are approving budgets with various stakeholders for the financial year, it is important to ensure marketing is included within this budget, so your business can stay current and up to date with the latest use of technology in the market.

The new financial year is a great opportunity for reviewing your current marketing strategies, and working out how this can be improved or adjusted if a new direction is required. Past analytics can be revisited to help better target and plan your businesses marketing activities in line with your key objectives to increase ROI.

What marketing activities should your business invest in?

Responsive website

Firstly, it is now more important than ever to ensure that your website is fully responsive to mobile. Why? In April 2015, Google's 'mobile friendly update' to its search algorithm revealed that mobile friendly websites would be given a boost in Google's search results over desktop only websites, after a survey revealed that mobile searches had for the first time overtaken desktop.

Social Media

Currently there are approximately 2.206 billion active social media users, a global penetration of 30% - a figure that is constantly rising. Taking this into consideration it reiterates the importance of having social media, a device that provides another platform to communicate with consumers on.

Email Marketing

In the current digital age where users spend hours on computers, mobile phones and the internet, it is now more important than ever to have effective email marketing campaigns employed. This is a very cost effective way of reaching a high number of new and existing customers. More information on our email marketing  services here! 


Is your content up to date? Is your content relevant? In order to rank effectively on Google, it is essential to have used SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques, to ensure you stay high in Google rankings and keep your audience informed and updated with new information. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

When done correctly, SEO can be one of the most effective marketing techniques. SEO can enable websites to help increase organic traffic to websites and build trust with Google, using keyword optimised content, links, website design & navigation, social media and many other tools. Read our Does Google trust your business? blog for more information. 

Brand Identity

From logo identity, brand design, brochures, to advertising, websites and direct mail your brand identity should follow the same form throughout every piece of media that your company puts its name to. With new budgets being allocated it is a great opportunity to refresh your brand or rebrand to suit your business requirements. 

Want to know more?

Any time and money spent on marketing is an investment in your business. With the new financial year looming, it is important for businesses to get innovative with engaging marketing strategies, no matter what industry you are in. iCandy Design are here to make sure it is time and money well spent.

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