Case Studies

Enhanced Functionality through Design

Designing with UX (User Experience) in mind allows you to develop systems that fulfil users' needs, keeping them loyal to the brand. Our client develops the functionality for POS systems and needed support with making the interface with the user intuitive and engaging.

The Challenge

The client had developed some extremely clever backend POS functionality. However, they felt that the system lacked a design that allowed users to navigate the app with ease, and so making it conducive to business success.

How We Helped

Our role was to design the layout of the screens across various sizes and uses and connect them with the backend functionality. We explored how elements in the app should look and feel – the design of buttons, whether to scroll or not, pop-ups versus new pages, colours and fonts and more.

The Benefits

We created a system that worked across different applications, and that was intuitive and easy to use by customers. It was also future-proofed, including elements that could be rolled out to new scenarios.

Here at iCandy Design, not only do we understand the importance of a system that operates intuitively and has the correct functionality to provide accurate information for processing, but we also understand that the information supplied at the end-user level needs to be visually pleasing, simple to operate and, ultimately, be user-friendly. The landscape of marketing is vast and combining aspects of both data processing with a user-friendly interface can truly elevate a business.

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