Case Studies

Sales Leads Management

iCandy Design developed an integrated system across multiple databases to streamline the process for managing leads and customer contact information. This significantly simplified the task of identifying viable business opportunities allowing the business to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, ultimately driving growth and success.

The Challenge

The client managed quotes and deal information across various databases, whilst customer contact information was saved with individual Sales team members, meaning this client had no way of identifying hot the leads in their sales funnel.

How We Helped

iCandy Design set up a process to capture leads and transfer customer, lead and deal information directly into a CRM. Additionally, the quoting/invoicing database was aligned with the CRM, to allow automatic population of customer information for documentation and the capture of deals back into the CRM.

The Benefits

This digital streamlining created a centralised hub for contact data and leads management. Identifying hot leads and opportunities became far simpler and more accurate, making it easier to win deals and grow revenue.

A streamlined process for managing opportunities will help your sales team become more efficient. You will find it easier to fill the sales funnel with new leads and prioritise resource to the biggest wins, ultimately driving overall business success.

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