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Building a Self-funding Engine for Growth

Having a growth mind-set and executing it.

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Developing a growth marketing mindset and strategy gives you an integrated approach to boosting your business. By identifying new opportunities you are able to build a highly engaged audience receptive to your brand. Set up systems that work cohesively and you have a self-funding engine that delivers growth.

Change can Stimulate Growth

All change throws up new opportunities; COVID-19 restrictions and staying home have freed up more time for online browsing. Many businesses are seeing phenomenal increases in social following, with Facebook seeing a 10% increase in daily users March year-on-year.

It’s clear the world will never be the same. Bricks and mortar will be ever-present, but the online marketplace has grown exponentially as a result of COVID-19 (growth in internet retail sales in the UK have increased by 53% year-on-year comparison for July) 

Influencing Customer Behaviours through Targeted Marketing Tactics

Being different and new in a busy market place is not enough to win. Customers also expect fantastic quality, affordability and exclusivity all at once. Have a clear understanding of who your customers are, know what they value, what makes them tick and you can deliver the service they are looking for.  iCandy Design has experience across a multitude of sectors, and will help identify where to focus and give your business the edge over the competition. 

Customise your Growth Engine to your Business Needs

A robust marketing strategy will continue to deliver to its primary goals even if the commercial landscape changes. Having a brand presence on many different platforms and communication channels means that elements of a campaign can be up- and down-weighted to suit the current climate. Complement digital ads with social media, increase brand visibility with impactful print or billboard advertising, build loyalty through clever email campaigns. Pick and choose the elements that work best at that point in time to give optimal return on investment and continued growth.

  • As the epicentre of your online presence, optimise your website to be robust and SEO-friendly. Ensure that traffic to site can easily convert a sale or navigate to the contact page to make an enquiry.
  • Keep your existing database engaged to avoid drift to the competition. Regular emails and social posts will keep your brand at the forefront of mind.
  • Fill the front of your conversion funnel to future-proof sales in the coming months. Read more about how here.
  • Have a seat at the table for when customers search your brand on Google. Digital ads can be cleverly placed exactly where your next purchaser is browsing. 
  • Brand recognition and recall stem from a number of factors (memorable visual assets, catchy copy, relevancy to the customer, and so on). Be seen often and in different places to cement that recognition. Take a multi-platform, multi-channel marketing approach.


iCandy Design - your Channel Campaign Managers

Having a growth mind-set and pursuing it with vigour is possible when all the pieces to the puzzle slot correctly into place. iCandy Design are website build and marketing campaign experts. Let us run your marketing, so that you can concentrate on other areas of growth. 

Winning companies are those that invest, bring new news to market (new product launches and fresh content) and continuously optimise core commercial capabilities in sales, marketing, pricing, and customer experience.

Optimise your marketing strategy and build brand recognition and loyalty, ultimately delivering more sales and leads to grow business. By managing the day-to-day marcomms behind the scenes, iCandy Design will keep that part of your business engine humming. We deliver a cohesive and consistent approach to your brand. 

Speak to an iCandy Design marketing expert today to explore how we can help you build an engine for growth that funds itself.

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