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5 Ways Social Media Can Support Your E-Commerce Website

Do you have an effective e-commerce website? When you were making decisions about branding, messaging and what e-commerce web design would suit the needs of the business did you also consider your social media strategy and how it can support your new site?

How Social Media Supports E-Commerce

At iCandy Design we have experience designing, building, and working with e-commerce websites. This has given us both the knowledge and know-how needed to create an effective social media strategy. Discover some of the ways social media can support your business.

1. Integrated Social Selling

It’s been reported that as of 2019 Facebook now has over one billion users. By creating ‘Your Shop’ on Facebook and integrating with Instagram, you can advertise your products to one-eighth of the world’s population! Using eye-catching imagery and clever product descriptions, engage consumers and drive traffic to your website.

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2. Staying Relevant

Social media platforms offer insight into trending topics and what subjects are engaging potential customers in your industry. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s topic suggestions and Twitter’s trending information to write engaging blog and social media posts. Targeting consumers with content that is relevant to them will increase engagement and therefore website traffic, and potential customers.

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3. Brand Consistency

Consumers who follow you on social media are 71% more likely to buy from you. Developing brand guidelines that cover what images are acceptable, how social posts should be structured and how you engage with individuals on social media, will create a consistent brand image your consumers can recognise. Social media places you directly in front of your potential customer so by using your brand guidelines to display a consistent business ethos will build a relationship based around trust.

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4. Increase Brand Awareness

The more people that know about your brand, the more people that will visit your website, increasing conversion opportunities. Posting regularly on different topics that consumers will be interested in is a great way to grow your brand by prompting consumers to engage and share your content. You can also use social advertising to target a very specific audience, helping you market your brand to the people who will engage with it!

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5. Get to Know Your Audience

Analytical data is a powerful tool for learning about your audience. Did you know that social media platforms have their own analytic data? Each platform offers different information insights, so you can learn about your audience. For example their location, age, hobbies, interests and what time they are active online. Getting to know your customers lets you tailor your content strategy and post on the right platform at the right time, maximising engagement and web traffic.

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Make social media work for your business...

Are you struggling to see the positive effects of your social media marketing on your e-commerce website? iCandy Design works across a variety of different industries and our experience has allowed us to become a trusted social media agency. 

If you want to know more about using social media to convert customers on your e-commerce website, get in touch with our friendly team, who are happy to discuss how we can make your social media strategy work for your e-commerce website!

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