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Why Investing in UX Design is the Secret to a Successful Website

The secret to a successful website is to always consider user experience (UX). Nowadays, consumers have high expectations of how a website should act, look and feel.

UX design 

What are the Benefits of UX Design for Your Business?

Keep them Coming Back

A responsive website that is considerate of your consumer, will ensure a positive online user experience and increase acquisition and retention as new and returning traffic visits your website.

Stay one step ahead and invest in streamlined UX designs. Your audience will keep coming back, and the Google algorithm will reward your website due to its up-to-date coding, speed and capabilities – meaning better SERP rankings! Discover iCandy Design’s top 3 UX tips for a first-class online user experience.

Hit Your Targets

The better your UX, the better you will be able to hit your targets. Put it this way – when you’re in a pristine shop, with a layout that’s easy to navigate, you’re more likely to find what you’re looking for and make a purchase. Well, this also applies to websites!

Whether you’re aiming to generate sales leads or encourage consumers to contact your business. Reducing friction and streamlining your UX design will direct your audience to your desired goal completion with ease.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

As a business, cutting costs while maintaining the quality of your products and services is paramount to quarterly and annual success.

The ROI on UX design goes far beyond the immediate benefit to the user. Investing in high-quality UX design will have long term benefits towards cost-cutting and increasing internal productivity.

How iCandy Design Help

We understand the importance of streamlining processes for optimised internal results. Which is why we developed Syrup, our own bespoke CMS.

Our software allows businesses to have total autonomy over their website, you can easily alter your website and add rich content to boost organic SEO results. Discover the benefits of Syrup over conventional CMS.

A smart UX design will also benefit the business by saving you time on each task and making navigation easier, meaning you’ll have more time and money to spend elsewhere.


Take Your UX to the Next Level

If you want to enhance your online user experience with a responsive website, contact iCandy Design today!

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