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Put the Spark into your B2B Social Media Marketing

As a B2B company, is your relationship with social media a match made in heaven, or has it been rocky since day one? If “rocky” then fear not! Here at iCandy Design, we've come up with a few tips and tricks that will ignite a spark in your B2B social media marketing strategy.

spark your b2b marketing

Why is Social Media Important for B2B Marketing?

Contrary to common belief, social media marketing isn’t just for B2C. It’s a powerful tool and when correctly utilised has proven to be very lucrative. If your B2B marketing strategy doesn’t include a fair share of social media marketing, then it’s time to reconsider your plan.

How to Optimise Social Media Marketing for a B2B Company

Consistent Content

If B2B marketing were a game of chess, content would be king. Without attention-grabbing high-quality content, you simply can’t beat your competitors. Your social media page is essentially an extension of your digital portfolio, which is why it’s vital for your marketing strategy that you effectively show off your products and services as much as possible. 

Consistent, high-quality content increases engagement and helps boost brand awareness. At iCandy Design, we offer specialist social media management and content marketing services. Our expert team will help you create a seamless B2B social media marketing strategy, that works for your business needs. 

Communication is Key

They don’t call it ‘social networking’ for nothing! Generating leads and creating meaningful relationships has never been easier now that we have a multitude of social media platforms to take advantage of. Discover our top B2B lead generation strategies.

Getting to know your customers is vital. Once you’ve gathered this information, you can develop an accurate client persona and start implementing paid social media marketing for more targeted campaigns and effective B2B advertising.

Off-Page SEO

Is off-page SEO causing you heartbreak? Similar to search engines, social media pages will reward the brands that achieve the most traffic. Your off-page SEO needs to run seamlessly with your overall marketing strategy; keep your information up to date, make sure your content is in line with your brand, encourage engagement and be sure to use links to redirect people back to your website. 

Social media platforms offer a number of effective methods that will help you push your business and improve your SERP ranking.


Take Your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level

If you have a love/hate relationship with social media, contact our friendly team here at iCandy Design and discover how we can rekindle the light in your B2B social media marketing strategy.

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