The Importance of a Digital Marketing Audit

With 2019 coming to an end it’s the perfect time to conduct a digital marketing audit and work on refreshing your digital strategy ready for the new year.

Digital Marketing Audit

These audits are vital to help inspect your business practises, strategies and outcomes that were developed to establish and improve your online presence.

There are a number of things you should be including in your digital marketing audit: 

Domain Authority

Have you checked the strength of your domain authority yet? The goal is to get as close to 100 as possible – the closer you are, the stronger your domain authority is. Checking this is a good way to indicate whether your SEO efforts are working in your favour. 

In fact, you can’t really complete a digital marketing audit without first identifying your domain authority! Discovering your current position online will help you determine what improvements to make across the rest of your digital marketing audit.

On-page SEO

Hitting that number one spot on Google is the target for all businesses. Ensuring your on-page SEO is being optimised to its full capabilities will be the difference between you hitting that #1 SERP ranking, instead of your competitors!

Search engines reward websites that are consistently improving all aspects of their on-page SEO, meaning:

  • All pages on your website have a H1 tag.
  • You have well-written, unique Meta Descriptions across all pages on your website.
  • Image alt tags are being optimised with relevant keywords.
  • Your content has precise SEO titles.
  • Duplicated content is kept to a minimum.
  • Your URL is clear and well structured.

Achieving the goal of making it to page 1 on search engines all starts with a thorough on-page SEO audit. Read more on the importance of on-page SEO

Off-page SEO

When did you last check the performance of your off-page SEO? Your actions taken outside of your website should drive traffic to your page, ideally on and off-page SEO will work together like a well-oiled machine!


If you’re not already, start taking advantage of social media! It’s a free, highly effective tool that can be responsible for directing the masses to your website. Though not directly linked to your off-page SEO, a strong brand presence on social media gives you another platform to bridge the gap between your audience and website, boosting Google’s trust in you.


Let us help!

At iCandy Design, we offer an expert auditing service. Fill in the form and we will provide you with exclusive analytics from your current website’s performance!

Get in touch with our friendly team and discover how we can help you to develop a long-term digital strategy, incorporating regular audits that will help your brand stay in top form.