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The History of Digital Marketing: An Update

You may have read our previous blog post on “The History of Digital Marketing” last year. We looked at the numerous changes, innovations and milestones within the industry. Let's take a look to see if digital marketing has changed, and if so, how...

Digital Marketing – What’s Happening Today?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation was added into the English dictionary in 1995. Since this, black-hat techniques such as keyword stuffing and paid backlinks were practised early on to gain quick website traffic. Now Google updates algorithms to reward good behaviour such as quality keyword research, coupled with relevant content marketing – boosting keyword rankings.

Content marketing

A key player in the game is now content marketing. Working hand in hand with SEO it can be used to drive traffic to your website and generate leads. As SEO has risen in popularity, so has content marketing. Used best in a multichannel marketing campaign, content marketing can be used in email campaigns, social media, blogs and many more platforms! This is set to continue to rise, with endless possibilities!

Responsive is now standard

60% of searches now come from mobile devices and it is now a standard requirement from Google for your website to be responsive. A new update is about to hit us called mobile first indexing one step further than “mobile-geddon”. This update will treat mobile versions of pages as the primary content and desktop as secondary when ranking in SERPS (Search Engine Results Page). 

Have a read: Learn more about the new update!...

Data Driven Marketing

Recently we have seen the increase in informed decisions through big data, such as real-time analytics, statistics and personal data. Data driven marketing has been on the rise since personalisation came into play in the industry and is only set to continue to increase. It is now possible to track patterns and trends of human behaviour in order to specifically target campaigns to suit.  This has allowed marketers to establish more effective strategies – strengthening consumer relationships.

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