Brand Identity

A strong brand identity encompasses everything that represents and communicates your brand's essence, values and personality to your target audience. It is the most important mechanism for your business to grow recognition, trust and loyalty.

Building a Strong Brand Identity with iCandy Design

The key to brand identity is consistency – reinforcing a specific message and building brand awareness. Therefore, your brand needs to stay constant on all platforms, projecting the same tone, message, feel and appearance, clearly differentiating itself from competitors. We achieve this by addressing the key components that make up a brand:


When done well, a logo is memorable and effectively conveys the brand's personality and values through use of a symbol or graphic element that is easily associated with the brand.

Colour Palette

Colours evoke specific emotions; red may signify excitement and passion, while blue can convey trust and professionalism. Colours have other associations too, and may be used for signposting, to indicate your brand belongs to a specific industry, for example.


The choice of fonts and typography plays a crucial role in brand identity. Fonts can reflect a personality. Certain fonts may also be more legible on different materials and be chosen for these functional requirements too.

Images and Graphics

The use of specific images, graphics and illustrations can contribute to a brand's identity. These visual elements should align with the brand's message and values.

Tone of Voice

Brand identity extends beyond visuals to include the way the brand communicates. This involves defining the brand's tone (e.g., friendly, professional, humorous) and language (e.g., formal, casual) in written and spoken communication.

Slogans and Taglines

A memorable slogan or tagline can encapsulate a brand's essence and promise in a few words. It helps reinforce the brand's identity and message.

Mission and Values

Clear articulation of the brand's mission, values and purpose is an integral part of its identity. This information allows consumers to understand what the brand stands for and whether it aligns with their own beliefs, which helps build connections and trust.

User Experience

The overall experience that customers have when interacting with a brand, whether online or offline, contributes to its identity. This includes website design, customer service interactions and the ease of using products or services.

Successful brand identity development and management require careful planning, research and consideration of the target audience's preferences and perceptions. It's an ongoing process that evolves as the brand grows and adapts to changes in the market and consumer expectations.

Brand Identity in your Day-to-day Marketing Materials

A strong and consistent brand identity helps businesses stand out, builds trust with customers and creates a lasting connection with their audience. 

At iCandy Design, we design stunning brands, with all applications considered – on your website, in social media, email, digital advertisement, in printed brochures, creative direct mail pieces, powerful print adverts and more.

Typically, we are asked to Support with:

  • Brand research and analysis
  • Business names and searches
  • Logo development
  • Brand guidelines
  • Stationery and design for print, direct mail and advertising
  • Website development
  • Digital presence
  • Signage, gifts and vehicle livery
  • Exhibitions 

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